According to its chief executive and chief financial officer, respectively Patrik Frisk and Dave Bergman, Under Armour is emerging from the pandemic with a sharper focus on the athletic-performance segment and an overhauled supply chain. Speaking at the Stifel Cross Sector Insights Conference, they noted that Covid-19 quarantines focused many consumers on exercise, and Frisk said he believes that this change of consciousness could endure. Indeed, international surveys the company has conducted with 40,000 consumers suggest that the performance segment has been drawing business from athleisure since before the pandemic hit the West. Back in January, UA introduced an athletic performance platform with a campaign called “Only Way Is Through,” which yielded promising results in February. Once the pandemic got under way, UA changed the campaign to “Through This Together,” which also received a “good response.” Frisk called the pandemic “the time of the ‘great equalizer,’” because it reduced the industry’s playing field to the internet and thereby gave a boost to smaller brands, UA among them. The company will be launching another online platform with individualized customer relationship management (CRM), in the U.S. in July for back-to-school sales. A new loyalty platform will follow in early 2021. In the background, meanwhile, UA has spent the past three years cutting the number of SKUs by about half, its use of materials by about four-fifths and the number of contracted factories by about a third. Less than 8 percent of its products are now being made in China. According to the two executives, the primary motive is to get products to market faster, improve product segmenting and match inventory more closely to the demand. They predicted that the current consolidation of wholesale accounts would continue and that the second half of 2020 would be heavily promotional in retail. The objective remains to achieve an operating margin in excess of 10 percent within five years.