According to a study conducted by cardiologists at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in the Spanish capital of Madrid, patients who exercise regularly are eight times more likely to survive Covid-19 than sedentary patients. Published in the American medical journal Infectious Diseases and Therapy, the study examined 520 Covid-19 patients, aged 18 to 70, from February to April of last year, during the first wave of the pandemic. They were surveyed by telephone with a questionnaire based on the University of Washington’s Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity Scale (RAPA). Sedentary patients made up 57.1 percent of the group and regular exercisers (minimum of 30 minutes twice a week) the remaining 42.9 percent. Of the patients surveyed, 13.8 percent were sedentary and died, while only 1.8 percent were active and died. There was also more smoking (6.7% vs. 3.6%), obesity (23.6% vs. 16.1%), respiratory insufficiency (53.9% vs. 35.9%) and renal insufficiency (14.5% vs. 6.3%) among the sedentary.