Goldwin reported revenues of ¥17,078 million (€131.8m-$154.7m) in the first quarter of its financial year, up by 40.0 percent on the year earlier, and confirmed its outlook for 10.5 percent sales growth for the full year.

For the three months ended June 30, the Japanese company also reported an operating profit of ¥1,135 million (€8.8m-$10.3m) against an operating loss of ¥479 million the year earlier. Net attributable profit of ¥1,235 million (€9.5m-$11.2m) compared a bottom-line loss of ¥292 million the previous year.

The Japanese group reiterated financial guidance for the six months to September and the financial year ending March 31, 2022. For the first half of the year, it still expects sales to rise by 30.9 percent to ¥41.3 billion (€318.8m-$374.0m) while operating profit is expected to soar by 122.4 percent to ¥2,750 million (€21.2m-$24.9m), leading to a gain in attributable earnings of 193.3 percent to ¥1,830 million (€13.7m-$16.8m).

For the full year, Goldwin continues to forecast that its sales will rise by 10.5 percent to ¥100 billion (€771.8m-$905.7m), while the operating profit should fall by 5.7 percent to ¥14 billion (€108.1m-$126.8m) and the attributable net profit should decline by 4.0 percent to ¥10.3 billion (€79.5m-$93.3m).