Canadian Tire Corporation reported a 45.9 percent increase in external revenues for Helly Hansen and Musto to 100 million Canadian dollars (€68.5m-$80.3m) for the second quarter ended July 3. Outside Canada, the revenues from the two brands amounted to C$95.1 million (€64.7m-$76m), up from C$64.7 million in the comparable period of 2020. Their results are included in the group’s retail sales, which grew by 11.6 percent to C$4,882.6 million (€3.33bn-$3.90bn) in the quarter, generating net income of C$259.1 million (€178.5m-206.9m), compared with only C$2.3 million in the same period of 2020. Retail lockdowns in Canada were compensated by growth in e-commerce to a record level of C$856.7 million (€583.7m-$685.3m).