We have already reported on the preliminary results of Anta Sports Products for the fourth quarter of 2020, which showed a significant recovery in retail sales for its flagship Anta brand and stronger growth for Fila and the other brands in its portfolio, namely Descente, Kolon Sport, Sprandi, and Kingkow. Other major Chinese players in the sporting goods market also improved their results in the quarter. China Dongxiang said that sales at Kappa stores, excluding Kappa Kids, progressed by a rate in the low-teens, with low-single-digit growth in comparable store sales and a gain in the mid-twenties online. As of Dec. 31, 2020, the group had 1,187 stores, up by 58 from March 31, but it plans to close some underperforming units in the near future. Xtep International said that its retail sales advanced by high-single digits in the fourth quarter, both offline and online. At 361 Degrees, retail sales of core branded products increased by a low-single digit. The 361º Kids Brand grew by a mid-single digit.