Strong Fishing, Watercraft Recreation and Camping sales after the corona-related lockdowns in May and June were not enough to counter the effect of store closures in April. However, the management said that demand has now picked up and the challenge is keeping pace with it, with a focus on ending the year strongly. The Diving segment, which the group is trying to strengthen, was the hardest hit, with sales for the three months ended on June 26 tumbling by 47 percent to $10.7 million. This resulted in a $2.6 million operating loss, compared with an operating profit of $1.4 million last year. The management said travel restrictions limited accessibility to diving. In Johnson Outdoors’ third quarter - usually the primary selling season for the company’s warm weather outdoor recreation products - total revenues declined by 21.5 percent to $138.4 million. The gross margin remained flat at 45.2 percent, as reduced efficiencies linked to Covid-19 shutdowns were offset by improved product mix and pricing. Net income was $12.9 million, versus $22.1 million in the previous year’s third quarter. Revenues from the Fishing segment dropped by 20 percent to $102.7 million, while the operating income decreased by 21.5 percent to $23.2 million. The Camping division saw sales decrease by 34 percent to $9.7 million. Watercraft sales fell by 17 percent to $15.3 million. Johnson sees the current momentum continuing into July in all categories except diving, which is still affected by travel restrictions. More in The Outdoor Industry Compass.