Slinger Bag, the brand behind the eponymous combination ball launcher and tennis bag, has exceeded its sales projections in Japan, Scandinavia, Switzerland and the U.K., possibly indicating that tennis afficionados are eager to return to the game. Although it was launched in those markets as recently as late May, at the tail end of the Covid-19 lockdowns, the brand’s product has seen its initial stocks sell out repeatedly in the U.K. They sold out in a day in Japan, with three-quarters of the second shipment now gone as well. In Scandinavia stocks vanished before the summer break, and in Switzerland half were sold before stocks even arrived. Slinger Bag’s chief executive, Mike Ballardie, believes that tennis enthusiasts are simply itching to get back to their sport. The Slinger Bag has a five-hour battery life, space for 144 balls, and a range of ball speeds from 10 to 45 miles per hour. It also wheels about like a piece of luggage. Globeride is handling its distribution in the small but encouraging tennis market of Japan, while Framework Sports & Marketing is handling it in the U.K. The brand is looking to expand its network of distributors elsewhere. To expand its brand recognition, it has begun working with the Bryan Brothers, the identical-twin doubles players, and with the well-known tennis coach Nick Bollettieri.