This year StockX enjoyed its best Cyber Weekend ever. The daily gross merchandise value (GMV) for the period averaged a growth of 100 percent year-on-year. Black Friday’s rate of one trade per second rose at times in the subsequent days to as much as three per second. The website received a record 10 million visitors on Nov. 27-30, with nearly 100,000 new buyers among them. It had already received 25 million visitors per month in the third quarter. Trades involved about 20,000 product types, the favorites being sneakers and videogame consoles. The top three products were the Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red 2020, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High Black Metallic Gold 2020 and the Adidas Yeezy 500 Utility Black, followed by Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PS5. The site’s users hailed from about 140 countries and territories. The number of European visitors more than doubled from a year ago, engaging in 125 percent more buy-side trades. New Asian sellers were up by more than 200 percent from 2019, with 550 percent more sell-side trades.