Storck Bicycle, a German bicycle manufacturer that celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, says it is satisfied with its performance in the past fiscal year and expects the current growth curve to continue. One of the reasons for the good performance was the fact that the company’s founder, Markus Storck, switched the sales strategy to direct-to-consumer two years ago, much like Canyon Bicycles, which is also enjoying a good momentum. Sales via Storck’s online store showed an increase of more than 300 percent in 2020 as compared to the previous fiscal year. A growth of around 200 percent was achieved in the 17 Storck flagship stores worldwide. Exact sales figures were not disclosed. Meanwhile, the social media reach has experienced significant increases of 180 percent via Facebook and 250 percent via Instagram. In addition to its core sports segment, Storck’s focus in 2021 will be on the e-bike segment, which has come to account for around a quarter of the total order volume.