Superdry saw revenues inch up by 0.8 percent to £118.4 million (€136.2m-$164.2m) in the fourth quarter ended April 24, after being severely hit by Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and lockdowns earlier in the financial year. “The early signs following the reopening of our UK stores are encouraging, as lockdown restrictions start to lift, and we can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said the British company’s CEO, Julian Dunkerton. The fourth quarter improvement was driven by e-commerce and wholesale revenues, which rose by 26.6 percent to £40.9 million (€47.0m-$56.7m) and by 13.5 percent to £63.1 million (€72.6m-$87.5m), respectively. The physical stores instead still suffered from an average of 69 percent lost trading days in the quarter, up from 42 percent the year earlier, leading their revenues to decline by 51.5 percent to £14.3 million (€16.5m-$19.9m). As of May 3, 27 percent of all stores were still closed. For the full financial year, revenues were off by 21.0 percent to £556.6 million (€641.1m-$772.9m), with store revenues slumping by 50.9 perce nt to £140.9 million (€162.3m-$195.7m) and wholesale declining by 19.9 percent to £212.8 million (€245.1m-$295.5m). One bright spot was e-commerce, which saw a 33.8 percent increase to £202.9 million (€233.7m-$281.8m).Superdry is projecting higher sales and profits for the current financial year, assuming no further material national store lockdowns and a continuing recovery in store traffic and consumer demand.