The Uvex Group’s total sales for its 2019-20 financial year amounted to about €480 million, up by about 1 percent year-on-year. The pandemic boosted sales in the company’s safety segment – responding to demand for respirators, wide-vision goggles, disposable protective gloves and coveralls – but depressed sales in such recreational products as ski helmets and ski goggles. The cycling segment saw what the managing partner Michael Winter calls a “severe slump during the lockdown weeks” followed by an “explosion in growth – both in store and online,” as the pandemic took an established annual down-and-up trend and boosted its amplitude. Overall, the safety segment, which accounts for 76 percent of group revenues, enjoyed a 4 percent rise in annual sales to €365 million. The sports and leisure segment, which includes the Alpina and Uvex brands, suffered a 3 percent decline to €128 million. Here too, the pandemic and its quarantines were the cause. The family-owned German group manufactures 71 percent of its products itself, for the most part in Germany and otherwise elsewhere in Europe. The location of the factories has allowed the company to adjust its production to better meet changes in demand and thereby mitigate losses. Uvex says that, despite the pandemic, its payroll actually expanded during the financial year, rising to about 2,900 employees.