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    IOC and UN Women launch new gender equality through sport initiative


    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and UN Women have launched the “Gender Equality Through Sport Bridging Project,” a new joint initiative that will use sport to advance gender equality and prevent gender-based violence. The new initiative builds on the longstanding partnership between the two organizations, from which the One Win ...

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    IOC announces details of the Olympic Esports Series 2023


    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced details of the Olympic Esports Series 2023, a global virtual and simulated sports competition created by the IOC in collaboration with international sports federations and game publishers. The games features the following nine sports: archery (World Archery Federation, Tic Tac Bow) baseball ...

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    IOC continues to support Ukrainian athletes in run-up to next Olympics


    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) continues its strong efforts to support Ukrainian athletes. The $7.5 million Solidarity Fund will help them prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympics and the Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics. So far, some 3,000 Ukrainian athletes and coaches have benefited from this support and direct assistance ...

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    Milan-Cortina 2026 sustainable on paper only?


    According to the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA), the 2026 Winter Olympics are at risk of becoming a financial and ecological fiasco. In fact, Milan-Cortina 2026 was supposed to be the first Winter Olympics truly committed to sustainability. And the IOC’s sustainability strategy also contains many ...

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    Sweden considers 2030 Winter Olympics bid


    The Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK) has announced that it has started “a preliminary study” to consider a potential bid for the 2030 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. SOK acting vice president Hans von Uthmann will head the feasibility study’s steering group. The committee is planning to release an interim report ...

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    Paris 2024 unveils visual identity


    The Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (OCOG) for Paris 2024 has unveiled the “Look of the Games,” as the committee describes it in a statement. The visual identity of the upcoming Olympics was presented on Feb. 8 in Paris in the presence of Tony Estanguet, president of ...

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    Ukraine could boycott Paris 2024 if Russia and Belarus are allowed to compete


    The Ukrainian sports minister, Vadym Guttsait, has warned that the country could boycott the 2024 Paris Olympics if athletes from Russia and Belarus are allowed to compete. The announcement comes on the heels of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Jan. 25, saying it was favoring “a pathway for athletes’ ...

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    Discovery and EBU obtain European media rights for 2026-2032 Olympics


    Following a tender by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Warner Bros. Discovery have submitted and now won a joint bid to acquire all media rights for 49 territories in Europe for the XXV Winter Olympic Games Milan-Cortina 2026, the Games of the XXXIV Olympiad ...

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    Sports organizations pledge to first-ever international “Sports for Nature Framework”


    Twenty-three sports organizations, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as a founding partner, have signed the first-ever Sports for Nature Framework. The signatories commit to protecting and avoiding damage to important species and habitats, restoring key ecosystems, creating sustainable supply chains, and educating and inspiring the wider sporting community to ...

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    International Ski and Snowboard Federation takes over the Freeride World Tour


    With immediate effect, the Freeride World Tour (FWT) is merging with the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS), which is taking over the shares of the FWT. The two organizations will work together from the 2022/23 season. The FIS, founded in 1924, is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), ...

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    Qatar looking to host 2036 Olympics


    Qatar is reportedly ready to bid once again to stage the Olympic Games in 2036, despite having failed in the past, according to multiple press sources. Qatar is currently hosting the FIFA World Cup, the first to take place in the Middle East and in a northern hemisphere winter. FIFA ...

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    UN Resolution highlights power of sport to achieve peace and sustainable development


    The United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York adopted on Dec. 1 a consensus resolution that recognizes the power of sport to expand sustainable development and inspire young people around the planet. The text is titled “Sport as an enabler for sustainable development.” In his opening remarks, the president ...

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    ​New joint IOC-WHO program to promote physical activity


    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have launched a new joint program to strengthen the role of sport in contributing to reducing physical inactivity and fostering active lives. According to a recent report by the WHO, 81 percent of adolescents and 27.5 percent of adults ...

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    IOC confirms Singapore to host first Olympic Esports Week in 2023


    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmed that the first Olympic Esports Week will be held in Singapore from June 22-25, 2023. The announcement is the next major step in supporting the development of virtual sports within the Olympic Movement and deepening collaboration with competitive gamers. In partnership with the ...

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    IOC launches Climate Action Awards


    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) wants to recognize National Olympic Committees (NOCs), International Federations (IFs) and Olympians and Paralympians for effective projects to combat climate change and has launched the Climate Action Awards to do just that. Supported by TOPs (Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partners), Airbnb, P&G and Deloitte, the ...

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    Saudi Arabia to host 2029 Asian Winter Games


    Saudi Arabia has been selected to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games. The event is set to take place at the future Trojena by Neom ski resort, which is scheduled for completion in 2026. Trojena will feature year-round skiing as well as an artificial freshwater lake, a nature reserve, mansions, ...

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    IOC executive board approves strategic framework on human rights


    The executive board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has approved a strategic framework on human rights. The framework aims to shape the working practices of the IOC, the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement, ensuring that human rights are upheld within their respective remits. The framework builds on the ...

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    Milano Cortina 2026 announced as the most gender-balanced Olympic Winter Games of all time


    Four new women’s events have been added to the Olympic Winter Games Milano Cortina 2026, leading to a record number of women’s events. There will be 50 women’s events, up from 46 in Beijing in 2022. With 1,362 women competing, namely 47 percent of participants, Milano Cortina 2026 is set ...

  • IOC presents Carbon Action Awards to 20 sports organisations, © Getty Images

    Earth Day 2022: IOC presents Carbon Action Awards to 20 sports organizations


    To mark Earth Day 2022, 20 major sports organizations were presented with the Carbon Action Awards of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which recognize efforts to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The 20 organizations, including twelve international sports Federations (IFs), seven National Olympic Committees and the Association of National Olympic ...

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    IOC and stakeholders support Ukrainian Olympic Community and athletes


    Source: World Athletics/IOC World Athletics’ fund support professional athletes affected by the war in their home country. As normal civil life is made impossible in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion, so is regular training for most athletes in the country. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has ...