Anta and Asos joined the list of the world’s ten most “valuable” apparel brands outside the luxury goods sector in the 2021 edition of Kantar’s annual BrandZ report, based on financial performance as well as market data and consumer surveys. As a whole, the category gained 53 percent in value in 2020 because of higher consumer demand for athleisure during the pandemic, with Uniqlo growing more than any other brand. Like before, Nike topped the list with a brand value of $83.7 billion, up by 68 percent as compared to the report issued one year ago. It was followed by Adidas, whose brand value rose by 51 percent to $22.3 billion. Next came Zara, Lululemon, Uniqlo, H&M, Puma, Anta, The North Face and Asos. Lululemon’s brand value jumped by 85 percent to $17.9 billion. Puma’s went up by 69 percent to $3.6 billion, while TNF rose by 22 percent to $2.98 billion. Across all categories, Amazon remained the most valuable brand, rising by 64 percent to $684 billion, followed by Apple at $612 billion. Next came Google, Microsoft, Tencent, Facebook, Visa, Alibaba, McDonald’s and Mastercard.