According to figures from Union Sport & Cycle, the French sporting goods industry association, the broader bicycle market (bicycles, parts and accessories) in France reached for the first time the milestone of €3 billion in value in 2020, representing an increase of 25 percent from the previous year. In terms of volume, bicycle sales, including all types of bicycles, progressed by 1.7 percent to 2,684,800 units. It was rather the sharp increase in e-bike sales, which are on average more expensive, that drove the general rise in value. Sales of e-bikes jumped by 29 percent to 514,672 units. E-bike sales accounted for 19 percent of the sales in volume and 56 percent of their value. French consumers opted for expensive models when buying an e-bike, as the average price increased by 21 percent to more than €2,000. Meanwhile, sales of folding bikes rose by 95 percent to 23,000 units, while mountain bike sales jumped by 46 percent to 136,000 units. Furthermore, sales of cargo bikes exploded last year, registering a 354 percent increase.