The Sport 2000 GmbH sports retail organization, which covers the five countries of Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, was able to generate a small growth of 2 percent in the overall business volume during the 2020 crisis year. The growth was driven primarily by the accession of major new retail members in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. The development of the retail members’ own sales has not yet been communicated for all the countries.

An examination of the individual sports segments and regions reveals a varied picture. In Germany, the largest country organization, Sport 2000 recorded a slight decline of 5 percent in centralized settlements. The retail sales of the 990 partner companies with their 1,550 specialist sports stores also fell from €2.26 billion in 2019 to around €2.14 billion in 2020.

Sales of products for individual sports developed positively, led by Running/Walking (+25%), Funwheel Sports (+48%) and Bike (+27%). In the outdoor segment, a recovery in the summer was offset by the effects of a second retail lockdown from mid-December, leading to a drop of 7.2 percent, but online sales in this segment grew in some cases by up to 45 percent.

Winter sports retailers are currently having an extremely hard time, running out of cash, after a year in which their sales fell by 46 percent due to the cancelled Easter business and the complete cancellation of the winter season in the autumn.

Brick-and-mortar team sports specialists have also been particularly hard hit, suffering significant cuts of 29 percent due to the discontinuation of team sports matches in the professional and amateur sectors and the cancellation of the European Football Championships.

The winning segments in the crisis year are also reflected in the annual ranking of major suppliers. Patagonia made the biggest leap from 43rd to 20th place. Vaude also continued its strong development among the top 10, rising from 9th to 8th place. Oberalp (from 18th to 11th place) and Icepeak (from 28th to 19th place) also developed positively. In Running, Brooks moved from the 14th to the 10th place, while On climbed from the 21st to the 17th place. Teamsports brands dropped out of the top 20 list altogether this time.