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IEEFA study shows high pressure on Vietnam’s industry to move to renewable energy sources

2022-05-25T10:22:00+01:00By Susanne Kern

Since the Vietnamese economy largely relies on the export-dependent manufacturing industry, the country is more exposed to multinational corporations and the global consumer market than any other developing Southeast Asian country says a newly released paper by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). The organization has studied ...

  • Elan-logo

    Elan sets 2030 sustainability goals


    Ski company Elan has üublished its efforts in the area of sustainability. As the company still manufactures all its skis at its headquarters in Begunje, Slovenia, with all production phases conducted vertically, the company claims to be able to control and tweak wherever necessary. Since earlier this year, the energy ...

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    Russian import-replacement campaign faces difficulties


    The Russian Industry and Trade Ministry has rolled out a 700 million rubles (€9.5m) program to support the import-replacement trend in the domestic sporting goods market. The authorities plan to encourage local companies to replace sportswear, sporting gear and athletic apparel, which are expected to be in short supply due ...

  • Euratex establishes new EUTI initiative to support connections to and from the Ukrainian textile sector


    The European apparel and textile confederation Euratex has launched an initiative to support the Ukrainian textile and apparel sector by mentoring and supporting economic, industrial and trade relations between EU and Ukrainian companies: the EU-Ukraine Textile Initiative (EUTI). The project seeks to facilitate cooperation between the market players by offering ...

  • Alpex acquires NT Majocchi


    Alpex Protection has acquired NT Majocchi, an Italian developer of performance textile solutions for sports and work apparel based in Tavernerio, near Como. Alpex is a French technical textiles manufacturer headquartered in Saint-Chamond, in the Loire department. InnovaFonds, an independent management company, acquired a majority stake in Alpex in October ...

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    New Balance opens fifth North American factory


    New Balance has opened its 80,000-square-foot “Factory of the Future” in Methuen, Mass. for production of its Made 990v5 model. The Methuen plant, which underwent a roughly $20 million renovation, is the company’s fifth factory in North America. All five factories contribute to the production of “New Balance Made” sneakers, ...

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    Archroma offers metal-free black and navy dyeing solutions for polyamide


    Swiss specialty chemicals provider Archroma, based in Pratteln, has added two new metal-free and acid-free acid dyes into its Nylosan S range. Nylosan Navy S-3R and Black S-3N were specially developed for polyamides and blends, polymers that require a complex dyeing process that is energy and water-consuming. According to the ...

  • alan-veas-z1oKOZjtvVQ-unsplash

    China’s worst Covid outbreak since Wuhan is the next threat to the supply chain

    2022-03-18T10:51:00+00:00By Wolfgang Greiner, Jo Beckendorff

    Even before the initial problems caused by the pandemic could be solved, the war in Ukraine created new ones. And now, despite all precautions, the Omicron BA mutant of Covid-19 is spreading rapidly in China. The epicenter of infection was the northeastern province of Jilin, on the border with North ...

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    Decathlon partners with GIZ on sustainability efforts in Vietnam


    Decathlon and the German Development Agency (GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) will be collaborating this year on two joint initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of Vietnam’s garment and textile factories. The two joint projects are “Climate Protection through Sustainable Bioenergy Markets in Vietnam” (GIZ BEM) and “Fostering ...


    Sri Lanka’s apparel exports in January set 5-year record


    Sri Lanka’s January 2022 apparel exports reached the highest level for that month in the last five years. This performance demonstrates the underlying strength of the industry, which has recovered from ongoing shocks from the impact of the pandemic over the past two years. Sri Lanka’s garment export revenue increased ...

  • Max Harlynking / Unsplash

    Spain’s sporting goods production continues to grow


    The production of sporting goods in Spain recorded a 70 percent increase in December 2021 as compared to the same month of 2020, based on provisional data from the Spanish Statistical Office (INE). The performance also marks the fourth consecutive month of growth in the sector’s industrial production index (IPI). ...

  • Rescue at Rana Plaza collapse

    Collapsed textile factory: Rana Plaza trial continues

    2022-02-08T16:30:00+00:00By Claudia Klingelhöfer

    For five years, the trial surrounding the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh was suspended, but now it is to resume on Feb. 16. The eight-story Rana Plaza factory building collapsed on April 24, 2013, killing more than 1,100 people. It housed several textile and other companies, and clothes were ...

  • KIDO Headquarter 20x13 300dpi

    South Korean manufacturer Kido expands to Bangladesh


    South Korea-based technical outerwear manufacturer Kido Industrial announced a total investment of more than $36 million in new factories in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Of this amount, the company will invest $31.17 million to establish a new company, Kido Dhaka Company Co, Ltd. In addition, Kido recently acquired an existing garment factory ...

  • Romania’s apparel industry is struggling


    Some sports clothing has been manufactured in Romania in the past, especially for Italian brands, but it’s not sure whether this is still the case. According to Just Style, Romania’s apparel industry is suffering from problems in both its supply chain and its export market. The flow of raw materials ...

  • Afydad partners with the GSIC, powered by Microsoft


    The Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) powered by Microsoft and the Spanish Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Distributors (Afydad) will be forming a joint commission to expand the use of technology in the sporting goods sector, notably in terms of digitalization, and take part in Spain’s Development Plan for ...

  • Strong post-pandemic progress for Li Ning and Xtep


    As they are only obliged to publish their results for the first half and the full financial year, some more public Chinese sporting goods companies published an operational update for the first quarter, following up on Anta Sports Products’ previously reported excellent post-pandemic figures for the period.

  • Big sales jumps for Yue Yuen


    Yue Yuen Industrial Corp. reported a 30 percent jump in total revenues to $870.9 million for the month of March as compared to a year ago, when the novel coronavirus pandemic shut down its manufacturing and retail operations in China. Revenues from manufacturing and retailing were up by 12 percent ...

  • Industry and governments react to Myanmar military coup


    Pou Chen, the Taiwanese group that controls Yue Yuen, announced on March 30 that it has decided to shut down temporarily its production of athletic shoes for Adidas and Nike in Myanmar for safety reasons. The local management and essential staff will remain in place for maintenance purposes.

  • Yue Yuen posts losses despite retail rebound


    Although China is resisting the pandemic much better than other markets, Yue Yen Industrial Holdings ended 2020 in the red, hampered by the global decline in the demand for shoes, especially in the casual segment. The company was strongly impacted by government measures to contain the spread of the disease ...

  • Li Ning

    Li Ning grows further, adjusting to the pandemic


    Rising interest in exercise and fitness in China after lockdowns were lifted contributed to improve Li Ning’s revenues, which grew 4.2 percent to 14,456.9 million yuan renminbi (€1.86bn-$2.09bn) in 2020. Net income increased by 13.3 percent from the previous year to RMB 1,698.4 million (€218.6m-$246.1m). Excluding a one-time financial gain ...

  • Xtep optimistic about 2021, despite lower profits in 2020


    Xtep International Holdings of China recorded a 29.5 percent drop in net income for 2020, down to 513.0 million yuan renminbi (€66.1m-$78.8m), on revenues that inched down by 0.1 percent from the previous year to RMB 8,171.9 million (€1.05bn-$1.25bn). The gross margin declined by 4.3 percentage points to 39.1 percent, ...

  • Puma manufacturer in China cuts carbon emissions further


    Shenzhou International, an apparel manufacturing partner of Puma in China, has kicked off a large-scale wind energy project that will supply about two-thirds of the company’s electricity needs in China by 2030. Shenzhou already gets some of its energy from a nearby wind farm but it has now agreed to ...

  • Xtep to open operation center in Shanghai


    Xtep International has plans to establish a new operation center in Shanghai. According to a report in, the Chinese sportswear group has entered into an agreement with a property company to acquire a site covering around 11,000 sqm close to Hongqiao Airport. Xtep will use the new site for ...

  • Clarks

    A Li Ning unit may take over Clarks for £51m


    Li Ning, the famous Chinese Olympic gold-medallist-turned-businessman, is about to take control of the iconic British shoemaker Clarks less than a month after its shareholders agreed in principle to sell most of their shares to a Hong Kong-based private equity firm, LionRock Capital. Li is the non-executive chairman of Lion ...

  • Chinese sports brands see better Q4


    We have already reported on the preliminary results of Anta Sports Products for the fourth quarter of 2020, which showed a significant recovery in retail sales for its flagship Anta brand and stronger growth for Fila and the other brands in its portfolio, namely Descente, Kolon Sport, Sprandi, and Kingkow. ...

  • Yue Yuen’s manufacturing revenues fall by 27%


    Yue Yuen’s revenues from footwear manufacturing fell by 27 percent in terms of U.S. dollars in 2020, including a drop of 16 percent in December. The group’s retail subsidiary, Pou Sheng, improved its sales by 1 percent thanks to a strong finish of the year, with sales up by 11 ...

  • China Dongxiang sees profits surge due to Japan sale


    The sale of the Japanese Kappa trademark lifted China Dongxiang’s profits for the six-month period ended in Sept. 2020, which rose to 1,116 million yuan renminbi (€140.6m-$170.0m), up from RMB 188 million for the year-ago period. On the other hand, the company’s gross margin contracted by 5.3 percentage points to ...

  • Losses continue for Yue Yuen


    Despite China’s resilience against the pandemic in the third quarter, Yue Yen Industrial Holdings remained in the red, following two quarters of losses. The company was strongly impacted by government measures to contain the spread of the disease at the start of the year, and although the Pou Sheng Chinese ...

  • Generally positive results for the Chinese sports brands


    Chinese companies don’t publish detailed quarterly results, but all the four major public sporting goods companies except 361 Degrees had something positive to say in their preliminary operational updates for the third quarter of 2000, confirming the Chinese industry’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

  • BasicNet reacquires the Kappa brand in Japan


    China Dongxiang has agreed to sell the rights to the Kappa brand in Japan for $13 million. BasicNet plans to give a major boost to brand’s development in the country, where Kappa generated sales of $30 million in 2019 through Phenix and its licensees. China Dongxiang will continue to focus ...

  • Xtep’s new acquisitions boost turnover, but profits drop


    Last year’s acquisition of K-Swiss and its various footwear labels, including Palladium and Supra, helped Xtep International Holdings of China to show good revenues for the first half of this year. A smaller contribution came from the company’s new joint venture with Wolverine Worldwide, from the Merrell and Saucony brands. ...

  • Logo LiNing

    New strategies make Li Ning resilient


    Li Ning fared better than most of its Chinese peers during the first half. While its net income declined by 14 percent from the year-ago period to 683.3 million yuan renminbi (€82.8m-$98.7m) in reported terms, its adjusted net income progressed by 22 percent when excluding a RMB 269.9 million (€32.7m-$39.0m) ...

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    Market Analysis: The global athletic shoe market


    The global market for athletic footwear enjoyed solid growth of 6.7 percent at the wholesale level last year, reaching a level of $70.9 billion, according to an annual analysis by Sporting Goods Intelligence of the major sports brands’ performance in this segment. It would have risen a little more without ...

  • Yue Yuen 3

    Yue Yuen posts a $136 million loss


    Yue Yen Industrial Holdings was hard hit by China’s measures to contain the spread of coronavirus. The world’s largest shoe manufacturer posted a net loss of $136.7 million for the first half of 2020, against net income of $165.9 million for the year-ago period. The company managed to reduce operating ...

  • BasicNet buys back Kappa Japan from China’s DongXiang


    BasicNet has signed a deal to reacquire the Kappa brand in Japan from the Chinese group DongXiang for $13 million. The company said the deal is limited to intellectual property assets and does not include any related business unit and should take place “in the coming months.”

  • macau-photo-agency-Zak4riFWRT4-unsplash

    Many Chinese sportswear brands issue sales warnings for Q2


    As a result of lockdown restrictions implemented in China and elsewhere during the Covid-19 pandemic, several Chinese sportswear brands have released profit warnings for the second quarter of 2020.

  • Yue Yuen's plants generated 19% less revenues in June


    Yue Yuen Industrial reported a 10.6 percent drop to $724.6 in its turnover in June, as compared to the same month a year ago. The company pointed out that its retail segment, represented by Pou Sheng, saw its sales increase by about 3 percent to $314.4 million, which would imply ...

  • Kappa lifts China Dongxiang’s sales, despite the pandemic


    The recent introduction of a direct-franchise model, designed to ensure a sufficient supply of products in the stores through bulk orders of merchandise, lifted the Chinese sports company’s revenues, which were up by 12.6 percent on a comparable basis in the new financial year ended on March 31, reaching 1,841 ...

  • Heavy losses for Yue Yuen


    As China struggled with the coronavirus outbreak early in the first quarter, Yue Yen Industrial Holdings was strongly impacted by government measures to contain the spread of the disease. The world’s largest shoe manufacturer posted a net loss of $56.3 million for the period, against net income of $75.5 million ...

  • Yue Yuen produced less in Q1


    Yue Yuen Industrial has warned investors that its results for the first quarter of 2020 will show a net loss of $50 million to $70 million, compared with a gain of $75 million in the year-ago period, because of the disruption of its supply chain and the lockdown of the ...


    Chemicals and coronavirus weigh on Wolverine’s results


    (OIC) The group’s two biggest footwear brands, Merrell and Sperry, helped Wolverine Worldwide finish the last year on a high in terms of revenues, with both of them scoring growth in the mid-teens for the fourth quarter ended on Dec. 28. The company also benefited from an acceleration in direct-to-consumer ...

  • A Chinese manufacturer of athletic footwear, Kingmaker, reported a drop...


    A Chinese manufacturer of athletic footwear, Kingmaker, reported a drop in its gross margin of 4.7 percentage points to just 6.9 percent for its first fiscal half ended on Sept. 30 because of smaller orders and their relocation to Vietnamese or Cambodian factories not affected by the U.S. tariffs on ...

  • With its 2019/20 collection, Stöckli, the Swiss ski manufacturer, is...


    With its 2019/20 collection, Stöckli, the Swiss ski manufacturer, is introducing a new corporate design, wordmark and logo. The central element is dynamic lettering with precise lines, developed by hand by the Swiss agency Oeriginal Marke & Kommunikation. The “S” in the new logo symbolizes a downhill skier and is ...

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