Adidas will launch its new SLVR (for silver) label in February, calling it a contemporary yet timeless line of apparel, footwear and accessories with the key message “simply perfect.” The collection is in black and white with maroon, orange or blue accents, and some pieces in gun-metal gray. Examples of coming products are the 7-Piece Shoe, which is a six-piece upper stitched to a one-piece sole, compared with most shoes that use 25 or more pieces glued together; and the Zero-Waste Tee, a T-shirt that is cut from one piece of fabric and sewed with one stitch around the body. Prices will range from €80-130 for footwear, €35-100 for tops, €80-150 for jackets and €40-90 for accessories. SLVR will be available in Adidas stores in Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Beijing, Moscow and Berlin, and will be added as shop-in-shops in other large markets throughout 2009. An e-commerce site for the USA and Europe will also begin operation in February.