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“For Mindful Living”: The new Polygiene claim and what it means

Sponsored by

Polygiene has a new range of technologies that can give products SuperPowers! We take a closer look.


PrimaLoft’s 360° approach to elevate performance and sustainability through innovation

Sponsored by Primaloft

Find out more about Primaloft’s pillars for a reduction of the environmental footprint.

Danny Cassidy_Headshot 2022

Danny Cassidy: “Be future-focused”

Sponsored by Compliance and Risks

Compliance and circularity: catalysts for digital innovation. How brands can keep up in a world full of regulatory change.

Stready offers marketing solutions that are combined with activity trackers

​Enhance customer experience with a workout-based loyalty solution

Sponsored by Stready

How Stready’s loyalty solution supercharges engagement, loyalty and data with a workout-based loyalty solution.


  • Padel - Tomasz Krawczyk - unsplash

    CIP’s ISPO presentation optimistic on pádel


    Pádel, it appears, continues to thrive. At the freshly concluded ISPO Munich 2022 the Clúster Internacional del Pádel (CIP) reported that pádel-racquet sales increased by nearly 72 percent year-on-year in the second quarter, according to Diffusion Sport. This was, however, down from the more than 85 percent rise of the ...

  • Roblox survey

    Roblox surveys its own metaverse


    According to Roblox’s “Metaverse Fashion Trends” report for 2022, the fashion world has embraced the immersive digital world – and customization is the name of the game for Gen Z in particular.

  • filip-andrejevic-1LTunOck3es-unsplash

    Mobilization spurs demand for sports and outdoor products on the Russian market

    2022-10-21T13:03:00+01:00By Vladislav Vorotnikov

    The Russian market experienced a boom in demand for sporting and outdoor goods since Sept. 21, when the Russian president declared the first mass mobilization in the country since the second world war. The demand for military ammunition has sharply risen in Russia, and the price of sporting and outdoor ...

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