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  • Pickleball is spreading to Europe

  • The Norwegian market grew by over 7% in 2020

  • Puma confirms recovery path

  • Intersport’s European online platform progresses

  • The latest on Nike’s presence on Lidl’s marketplaces

  • A game-changing foldable ski by Elan

  • Adidas has decided to divest Reebok

  • Under Armour beats expectations

  • Messe München hails ISPO Munich Online as a success

  • NPD: The European market fell by 10% in 2020, with running down 3%

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Sporting goods industry stocks surged by 32% in Covid year


This exclusive chart shows the development in the market capitalization of the top 86 stock-listed sporting goods companies between the end of 2019 and the end of 2020. This is exclusive data and analysis for Professional Members.

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