Our exclusive industry analysis including our annual ranking of the global stock listed sporting goods companies (by market capitalization), the largest global sporting goods retailers, the analysis of European retail landscape as well as analysis and market analysis of the athletic apparel, athletic footwear and sports equipment industry segment and our annual and quarterly Sporting Goods Industry Scorecard.

Global Sporting Goods Index


Analysis: 2023 Market Cap of global Sporting Goods stocks rising 2.4%


Which of the top 86 sporting goods companies performed best, and which lost ground in 2023? Get the figures.

Global Retail Rankings

Sports retailers worldwide

The world’s biggest sports retailers


Our annual analysis of the world’s largest sports retailers has the revenue of 50 companies and ranks their growth compared with last year.

European Retail Market

European Sports and Sporting Goods retailers

The European sports retail market


Our latest review of European sports retailers shows single-figure growth. We bring you the numbers in full across 15 countries and over 70 retailers.


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The Sporting Goods Market Segments

The sports market covers a wide variety of products and services. There are three segments that include the predominant part of the revenues: Sports Apparel, Athletic Footwear, and Sports Equipment.

Sports Apparel Market

athletic apparel market

Market Analysis: The sports apparel market 2022

Our annual summary of the sports apparel market brings you global revenue and market-share development, and a regional breakdown of 29 companies.

Athletic Shoes Market

global sporting footwear market

Market Analysis: The athletic footwear market 2022

Our annual summary of the athletic footwear market brings you the global revenue of 25 companies and compares how 2022 shaped up against 2021.

Sports Equipment Market

athletic equipment market

Market Analysis: The sports equipment market 2022

Our annual summary compares the 2022 and 2021 global revenue and market-share development of 39 companies and brings you a breakdown via sector.