After a number of systems from various helmet manufacturers were launched on the market over the years claiming to cover rotational movements in the event of a fall and protect the brain, the Swedish company MIPS, the world's leading supplier of helmet-based safety technologies to protect against rotational movements, is now taking the floor. MIPS has been researching how to best protect the brain for over 20 years and is conducting extensive testing to see how other manufacturers are solving this problem. However, according to MIPS, the results so far indicate that no other security system offers sufficient protection against harmful rotational movements, according the Swedish company and other world-leading testing institutes. While MIPS fundamentally welcomes new safety technologies on the market, it criticizes the lack of standards in testing. Common tests usually focus on testing the radial forces that cause skull fractures during a fall. Testing for tangential forces responsible for possible brain injury, however, is often neglected, says MIPS. The Swedes are therefore demanding an industry-wide standard test from independent organizations in the interests of consumers.