Alibaba has unveiled a new online system to help detect and remove fakes. The announcement was made by the company at the inaugural Rights Holders Collaboration Summit it was hosting in its hometown Hangzhou, China on July 1. The new “IP Joint-Force System” is an online platform designed to make IP-related communications between brands and Alibaba more efficient. Under the new system, each participating brand will be assigned a dedicated online portal and Alibaba account manager to enhance collaboration and transparency around IP enforcement efforts. Through this system, Alibaba will be able to directly seek information from rights holders regarding suspected counterfeit product listings. As a third-party marketplace, Alibaba is unable to authenticate products on its own with full certainty. All participating brands in the existing “Good Faith Takedown” program will be eligible for the IP Joint-Force System. Alibaba launched the Good Faith Takedown program in 2015 to speed up the notice-takedown process for brands that submit valid counterfeit complaints. More than 700 brands participate today in this program, many of which will also participate in the first phase of the new IP Joint-Force System, including Adidas, Apple, Procter & Gamble, Mars and Philips, among others.