Archer Capital, which controls 76 Amart All Sports stores and 31 Rowe & Jarman stores in Australia, has agreed to acquire 19.99 percent of Rebel Sport or a majority of its 80,170,000 shares at a price of 4.60 Australian dollars per share and at certain conditions, but the option will lapse by May 7. Harvey Norman currently owns more than half of the equity in Rebel Sport, a rapidly expanding Australian sporting goods retailer whose revenues grew by 17.4 percent to A$91.3 million (€m-$1m) in its 1st quarter, ended Sept. 30. The company’s organic sales were up by 12.3 percent. No new stores were opened during the recent quarter, but Rebel Sport plans to soon open two outlets in New South Wales, adding to its existing network of 61 Rebel Sport stores and 10 partly owned Glue stores. The company had earnings before amortization and depreciation (EBITDA) of A$42.4 million (€m-$1m) on revenues of A$374 million (€m-$1m) for the financial year ended last July 1.