As part of its ongoing “creating the new” program, the Adidas Group has completed the final building, called Arena, at its “World of Sports” headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Resembling a football stadium suspended in the air, the Arena will provide about 2,000 employees with 52,000 square meters of office space on four floors and combine “open, communicative areas” with “privacy for concentrated activities and meetings.” The building will be inaugurated on Aug. 9 in connection with the company's 70th anniversary, but the staff are already moving in. Within a few weeks, all 5,600 Adidas employees in the city of Herzogenaurach will have offices at the World of Sports. The complex occupies 59 hectares on the grounds of a former U.S. Army base. Adidas established itself there in 1999, having refurbished a former barracks there and renamed it Spikes. In 2011, the company opened a building called Laces, with offices for 1,700 employees. A kindergarten, World of Kids, followed in 2013. A few months ago, Adidas also opened another building nearby, called Halftime, with a second company restaurant and meeting rooms. Offices aside, Adidas' World of Sports campus has a football stadium that seats 4,000 people, beach-volleyball courts, a tennis court, a basketball court, a climbing tower, locker rooms and showers.