Atmósfera Sport, the Spanish buying group, will be launching an e-tail site – specifically for its sports-apparel division, Atmósfera Black – on Feb. 18. The initiative, representing an investment of more than €100,000, will be managed directly from the buying group's headquarters. The attendant staff has been expanded accordingly. For now, the website will be limited to the group's own selection. In time, however, it will offer products from all the group's member stores, many of which are already coordinating with the group. Customers will have the option of home delivery or in-store pick-up. The voluntary group has also added a new store concept to the existing multi-sport and Atmósfera Black formulas. The selection in this third kind of store would be half performance products and half fashion products. The goal is to prepare a more vertical selection for the offline and online marketing campaigns of winter 2019-2020.