Bogner is making several new changes at the top management level and in the supervisory board. The German company will now be managed under the oversight of a trust company. Arndt Geiwitz, managing partner of a law firm, SGP Schneider Geiwitz & Partner, will take over the shareholders' role from Willy Bogner and his daughter Florinda Bogner, who was recently appointed to the supervisory board. The trustee structure is expected to form a good basis for determining Bogner's long-term growth strategy, says the company. Although Bogner has been operating on low earnings for several years, in the last 24 months, the management board has made efforts to bring the company back on track with better collections. In the 2017/18 financial year, sales increased to €158.6 million from €150.6 million in the previous year. Meanwhile, the management is working to make the luxury section of the label more fashionable and trendy. Observers feel that Geiwitz will probably look again for acquirers for Bogner after a successful restructuring.