Dielmann, a German retailer with 48 footwear and sporting goods stores operating under such banners as Schuhhaus Dielmann and Sporthaus Robert Hübner, filed for insolvency proceedings on June 4. The local court of Darmstadt opened the proceedings under self-administration on June 8. The coronavirus is seen as having been an accelerator, but not just the sole reason, for Dielmann’s financial difficulties. The federal credit institute, KfW, rejected an application for a bridge loan last week. Dielmann’s stores and its Sommerkind.de online store will remain open until further notice. The German retailer has a total of 890 employees, 722 of them in the company’s shoe retail chain and 168 in the sporting goods chain. Michael Specht, a retail expert, and Georg Bernsau, a lawyer and an expert in this kinds of insolvency proceedings, will take over the management of Schuhhaus Dielmann, while Steffen Schneider and Kristian Schneider from the law firm of BBL Bernsau Brockdorff, will run the Sporthaus Robert Hübner chain.