After last year’s insolvency of Mavic, the French bicycle component manufacturer previously owned by Amer Sports; its acquisition by the Bourrelier Group, was followed by a period of silence, at least on the surface. Order books were maintained at a high level. Now, with the unveiling of its latest product line on April 24, the newly formed Mavic Group has provided a closer look at its current situation and future course in the area of road an mountain bikes and related accessories, possibly including some softgoods.

It was announced that the new Mavic headquarters, currently under construction, will accomodate carbon labs and prototyping, testing facilities and special production lines, R&D labs, the European Mavic service center, the racing department and all supporting functions such as design, communications, marketing, IT, finance and administration, operations management, etc. In addition, a robust and efficient supply chain organization is being designed to ensure that components are developed in France and produced close to the market – “Made in Europe,“ both in France and Romania. Concerning softgoods, Mavic wants to focus on Made in Europe “as much as possible.”

In the U.S., a new structure is in the works. While Mavic Group will continue to rely on its own sales offices in countries such as Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and the U.K., it will also rely on exclusive distributors in other countries all over the world. In addition, local Mavic service centers are to be established in the respective country markets.

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