The Vittoria Group, a leading producer of bicycle tires, has presented Wise Equity, a private equity fund based in Milan, as the company’s new owner, which is bring it back to its Italian roots. The group owns the Vittoria brand and markets third-party brands in some countries (Fox in Italy; 3T and Selle Italia in the U.S.). The current Dutch ownership, including the founder and president, Rudie Campagne, bought Vittoria Spa, at the time an Italian company, in 1990. Vittoria was founded in Madone, near Bergamo, in 1953. Campagne, who is now 76, is retiring this month and will become lifetime honorary chairman. The 48-year-old Stijn Vriends, a partner in Wise Equity, will take over as Vittoria’s new president and chief executive. Under Campagne’s 30-year leadership, the company grew from a small operation with less than 180 employees into a group with more than 1,300 employees that produces more than 7 million tires per year, with an annual turnover of around €60 million. Vittoria claims to have been the first company in the world to use graphene in its bicycle tires from 2015, becoming the single largest buyer of graphene for bicycle tires in the world.