Champion Athleticwear has introduced two new environmentally conscious collections – a range of Natural State Reverse Weave clothing and Rally Pro Earth footwear. The Natural State Reverse Weave product line contains recycled polyester fibers and uses minimally processed and unbleached fabrics, along with all-natural dyes derived from flowers, roots and plants. The collection is characterized by natural, muted tones, and comprises T-shirts, hoodies, crew-neck sweatshirts, joggers and shorts. The Rally Pro Earth is Champion’s first sneaker assembled with 25-45 percent upcycled and 50-65 percent recycled materials. The percentages vary by shoe color, the company said. The sneaker also contains an upcycled EVA rubber outsole and rubber logo sole for traction, and it is packaged in recycled boxes. The Rally Pro Earth sneaker is being launched theough a footwear licensee for the brand, BBC International. The two new lines are being introduced as part of the “Champion Made” sustainability pledge to create athleticwear that “feels good, looks good and, most importantly, does good.” By 2025, as part of the HanesBrands family, Champion plans to use 100 percent recycled polyester and 100 percent sustainable cotton in all of its apparel. It also wants to reduce the absolute weight of packaging materials used for products by 25 percent and achieve zero waste across its operations.