VF Corp. has announced new sustainable packaging goals, defined as “a critical component of VF’s global sustainability strategy” for its large portfolio of brands, which includes The North Face, Vans, Timberland, icebreaker and Eastpak, among others.

The new targets revolve around the following four pillars : 1) Eliminate all single-use plastic packaging by 2025, while all remaining packaging will be reduced, sourced from sustainable sources and designed for re-use or recycling; 2) All single-use plastics in product packaging will be 100 percent recycled or with biobased content, or a combination of the two by 2023; 3) All paper-based packaging will have at least 80 percent recycled content, or third-party certified virgin content, or a combination of the two by 2023; and 4) VF will commit to leadership in key industry coalitions and policy initiatives to build circular packaging infrastructures that will help enable its 2025 pledge.

To support its new initiatives and commitment in the area of sustainable packaging, VF has also subscribed to additional complementary guidelines and sustainability goals. By 2023, all single-use, non-essential plastics for which there is a viable product alternative will be eliminated from VF’s offices, including both its direct operations and company-sponsored events. All VF-owned distribution centers will have zero-waste by April 1, 2021.

VF’s icebreaker brand plans to be plastic-free by 2023. The Timberland brand will work towards zero waste by designing 100 percent of its products for circularity, as part of the brand’s vision to have a net positive impact for its products by 2030. More broadly, VF seeks to implement sustainability best practices in its internal and external sponsored events. The company is also committed to working with retailers and industry peers to support the development of collection platforms and recycling technologies.

VF notes that it is a long-standing participant of the Pack4Good initiative, launched in October 2019 by Canopy to transform the packaging supply chain. More than 100 brands with more than $70 billion in annual revenues are currently involved in the program from the fashion, beauty, and personal care sector, the telecommunication industry and other sectors. As a participant in the Pack4Good initiative, VF commits that its paper packaging does not contain materials from ancient and endangered forests or other controversial sources, and that it reduces the overall consumption of forest fiber.