Dainese and Alpinestars are involved in a patent dispute revolving around the airbag construction of their motorcycling suits. Dainese, which is using its D-air airbag technology also for racing skiwear, obtained two preliminary injunctions from a Munich court in October against a local dealer on suspicion that its sale of Alpinestars' Tech-Air system was violating its airbag patents. Dainese subsequently filed suits in Germany as well as Italy against the rival Italian company. Alpinestars said it disputed Dainese's claims, as they concern the physical construction of the airbag, which is also used in the automotive industry. It pointed out that its own system, which was launched in November 2014, was the first self-contained system for street motorcycling that doesn't require the installation of sensors in the motorbike. Last month, Dainese's D-air ski airbag deployed for the first time during an official race of the alpine ski World Cup, likely preventing Matthias Mayer from suffering more serious thoracic injuries.