Dainese has begun to fine-tune the deployment mechanism of its D-Air ski system, in view of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The D-Air, a special airbag for skiers, operates based on a deployment algorithm, which is the ”intelligence” that recognizes the conditions of a fall and then activates the airbag. The Italian company, which has already developed a similar system for mtorcycles, had initially conducted a series of tests, under various conditions and with different skiers, leading to the development of the device's inertial platform sensors. These sensors are now equipped with a warning system that can detect the emission of a deployment signal. Current tests are due to check, in particular, the gas generators and the bags, both of which underwent important modifications. The bag was enlarged so as to cover the skier's chest, while new solutions were implemented for the gas generators and, specifically, the route that the gas takes when the bag deploys. The overall weight of the system has been reduced. Tests are also being conducted with skiers to work on the ergonomic aspects of the D-Air.