Didi Schweighauser, a 46-year-old former country manager of Rossignol, is taking over control of Catrade Sportsmarketing, a major Swiss distributor, and he will run the company after the end of June in the place of René Ritter, who has sold his 70 percent stake in Catrade. The balance of the shares is in the hands of two partners. While retiring at the age of 62, Ritter is setting up a consulting firm that will work with Catrade and other clients including Genfoot, the big Canadian group that took over Catrade’s former German subsidiary a couple of years ago. He will also help his son Claude with his computer business in China. Catrade represents many of Lafuma’s brands, Canada Goods, Elan, Kamik, Sigg, Tubbs and Ziener on the Swiss market. Ritter, who has been involved in the sector for more than 30 years, set up Catrade about 20 years ago after taking over the Swiss subsidiary of Fritzmeier, a former German ski company.