Engelhorn, the big German sports and fashion retailer based in Mannheim, has placed both parts of its business in the hands of Armin Weger, who had been running Engelhorn Sports since 2015. He is also taking over the functions of Oliver Beuthien, who is leaving the company after running the fashion and clothing segment since May 2016. In a statement, Fabian Engelhorn, chief executive of the group, explained the move by the fact that consumers are no longer making a distinction between fashion and sport, and that they are looking more to the function of products. Weger, 45, has been responsible for a major remodeling of Engelhorn Sports' 10,000-square-meter flagship store in Mannheim, and the concept behind it is now being applied also to the fashion side of the business. He previously accomplished a similar feat by remodeling a 6,000-square-meter sports store of Dodendorf in Posthausen.