Intersport Deutschland is no longer looking for a successor to Mathias Boenke, the 54-year-old manager who joined its executive board in 2018 after building up Intersport Austria. Boenke had indicated that he was going to remain in the post for as long as necessary until the expiration of his contract in September 2021, but he abruptly left the German-based retail organization on Oct. 12. He had also indicated that he was looking for new opportunities elsewhere. With his departure, Intersport Deutschland has decided to return to its previous management structure, with a three-man executive board run by its chief executive, Alexander von Preen, who has also taken over from Boenke the responsibility for the group’s corporate identity, relations with suppliers and membership services. Boenke’s previous responsibilities for marketing and digitalization will be picked up by the group’s chief financial officer, Thomas Storck. Boenke was also in charge of category management and strategic purchasing, which will now be handled by Intersport Deutschland’s chief operating officer, Frank Geisler.