Fila Korea has reported a 10 percent increase in global revenues to 736.1 billion won (€512.14m-$707.08m) for the financial year ended last Dec. 31. Operating earnings went up by 7 percent to KRW 98,129 million (€68.27m-$94.25m), but net income was down by 21 percent to KRW 96,150 million (€66.90m-$92.36m). In the fourth quarter of the year, net income rose sharply to KRW 53,260 million (€37.07m-$51.16m) and operating income rose by 1 percent to KRW 24,099 million (€16.77m-$23.15m) on 15 percent higher revenues of KRW 208.8 billion (€145.33m-$200.58m).