Deporvillage’s tenth-anniversary year was one for the record books. In 2020 the Spanish e-tailer of sporting goods raised its annual turnover by 105 percent toa n unprecedented level of €120 million, exceeding by 60 percent the company’s own projection of €75 million. The pandemic-related lockdowns were, of course, the driving force. The company’s founder and chief executive, Xavier Pladellorens, says that signs of a record-setting surge began to appear in the second quarter. According to its chief product officer, Ángel Corcuera, the company had to face the problem of meeting the unexpectedly high demand for “strategic products” such as cycling rollers, of which the company sold some 20,000 units. To keep up, Deporvillage expanded its workforce to more than 100 people. The company has reached more 1.5 millions customers through a website in six languages that fielded more than 1.4 million orders last year. Plans for the new year are to continue expanding. Corcuera says that Deporvillage seeks to “focus also on developing its own brands.”