H&M, which is moving more strongly into men’s activewear, has won a long-standing case against Adidas at the Court of Appeal in The Hague, which has ruled that the dual stripe design on its apparel didn’t infringe on Adidas’ three-stripe trademark. The court has also found that the proportions of H&M’s stripes were different from those of Adidas’ stripes. A key factor in H&M’s success was a market research report showing that there was only a 10 percent chance that consumers would infer that Adidas was the maker of the two-striped products. Expressing surprise at the court’s verdict, a spokesman for Adidas said the company was reviewing the decision in detail and was not in a position to comment further at this stage. The new ruling overturns an infringement decision taken by The Hague’s District Court in 2017. Adidas’ judicial battle against the fast-fashion retailer began in 1997, and the company may still appeal to the Dutch Supreme Court.