In a communiqué released on Dec. 8, after a summit of Olympic movement leaders, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) calls the inclusion of e-sports as medal events “premature” and in need of “further dialogue and study.” The IOC cites the divergent values of sports and e-sports, the latter being driven by commerce and the market, with top games going in and out of favor. This position seems to conflict with the e-sports enthusiasm on display at a separate, two-day summit held in July at the IOC's headquarters in Lausanne. However, one of the main e-sports proponents in attendance, Patrick Baumann, former president of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), died in October. Urging federations to exert “appropriate control” over the e-versions of their sports, the IOC is nevertheless inviting e-sports to take part in a liaison group.