In the midst of serious financial problems that are expected to result in the sale of some of its divisions, NexCen Brands, parent of The Athlete’s Foot, has lost its chief executive, Robert W. D’Loren. Kenneth Hall, the company’s executive vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer, will take his place, and the company is looking for someone to fill Hall’s role. Separately, Darius Billings has been named as director of retail brand marketing and merchandising for NexCen Franchise Management, a division of the company. He will be working primarily on rebranding strategies for TAF. He has previously been a manager at AND1 and merchandising trainer for Nike. He will report to Jennifer Johnston, senior vice president for brand marketing in the division. The revamp of TAF includes a new merchandising system, new in-store design, a new logo and the launch of a line of branded apparel.