Messe München is about to improve ISPO Winter’s access and ticketing system to secure a better quality in the evaluation of visitor statistics. Starting at the show that takes place Feb. 1-4, Messe München will personalize all access passes, including those issued to the exhibitors who have been “anonymous” so far. This change shall help to retrack all visitors accurately because it contributes to the prevention of unauthorized use of exhibitors’ tickets.

The organizers of the show continue to encourage visitors to register themselves before the show and through the Internet. Messe München will no longer send out tickets by mail. Instead, tickets are available on the venue at the electronic scanner locations in the entrance area for all those who have an online voucher.

On top of this, ISPO will heavily sponsor pre-show ticket purchases. From now on, tickets for retailers and shop staff are sold for €10 per day instead of €40 at the show’s counters. Exhibitors who invite their retail customers will now receive e-vouchers for visitors that replace the former guest ticket. The exhibitors’ advantage is that only vouchers that are actually redeemed are invoiced. More details, changes and discounts can be checked out at