JD Sports Fashion is reported to be considering a takeover of the struggling JJB Sports. The Sunday Times reported this week that JD, which is capitalized at £196 million (€218.7m-$298.5m), or nearly three times JJB’s market value, would be making its move in the next few months. JD already has a 10 percent stake in JJB. The general consensus is that JJB would welcome a bid, as it is struggling to secure stock from suppliers after its restructuring last month, in which 140 leases were wrapped up and the remaining 250 will be paid monthly, rather than quarterly. For a JJB-JD deal to go through, however, it would have to have the support of Mike Ashley, head of Sports Direct. He owns almost a fifth of JJB, as well as a small stake in JD, and is considered likely to fight the takeover on the grounds that it would be anti-competitive. British competition authorities could also scuttle any potential deal.