The Sports Goods Market in China

This report of more than 330 pages is available for download. Published in partnership with ISPO and the EMLyon business school, it covers mainly five sports categories in the Chinese market: Fitness, Running, Team sports, Snow sports + Outdoor.

Based on the same methodology and quantitative/qualitative approach as our previous market research reports, it handles the following issues for China:

Market Report China

  • Social and economic situation
  • Sports participation
  • Market size and leaders
  • Analysis of selected sports categories
  • Market approach
  • Retail structure
  • Prospects and conclusions
  • Directory of national key players

Furthermore, for each of the five sport categories mentioned abive, the following points are discussed in detail: infrastructure, participation, market size & development, market leaders, specialist retailers.

The report is largely based on many interviews of key players in the industry (more than 250). It also analyzes many case studies of business strategies that brands have used to approach this enormous yet complicated market, and includes 55 company profiles.

The report also includes the main results of a consumer survey whose raw data are also available separately.

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