Afydad, the Spanish association of sporting goods manufacturers and retailers, has launched a new website,, to serve as an omnichannel B2C marketplace and B2B showroom. The marketplace is now operational, can take orders from final customers and can “geolocate” for them the nearest distributor or retailer of a given product. The showroom will provide every Spanish brand of sporting goods or sportswear with its own space for product display and promotion. The long-term objective of the Spain Is Sport initiative – introduced at ISPO Munich Online in February – is to expedite the entry of Afydad’s brands into China, where young consumers make use of the internet and are being encouraged to play more sport. To this end, the association is working with ICEX (Spain Export and Investment) on a sector-wide plan. The marketplace is starting up with a total of 15 Spanish brands, most of them involved in the outdoor sector, but Afydad hopes to add more in the coming months.