The German Sporting Goods Industry Association (BSI) has called on the German federal government in an open letter to recognize the relevance of sport as an “effective corona (virus) prevention” and to use “sport as part of the solution for coping with pandemics.” Sport is important for physical and mental health, says the BSI’s letter, and can also be carried out with an appointment and a negative test, based on a procedure that is now being applied for visits to non-essential retail stores in Germany. Therefore, the association demands the opening of sports facilities such as swimming pools, fitness studios, gyms and sports halls in compliance with detailed sanitary concepts. In addition, BSI says that the government should consider outdoor sports such as hiking, running and biking in a more differentiated manner with regard to the risk of infection, allowing small groups to come together under certain conditions. At the same time, a long-term strategy is needed that motivates people to keep moving, even if there is a pandemic. It is already evident that children, young people and young adults in particular are becoming more lazy and lonely. In order to compensate for the sport deficit and to bring people to sport, the association proposes joint nationwide exercising campaigns. Such joint efforts can also effectively counteract widespread diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases as well as mental illness.