Nike is sueing a Brooklyn company, the MSCHF Product Studio, which has sold a lot of 666 pairs of altered Air Max 97 shoes with satanic-themed detailing, embroidery and a drop of human blood on the insole. MSCHF collaborated with a rapper, Lil Nas X on the customized Air Max shoe, which was sold out within one minute on Moday at $1,018 per pair, in connection with the release of one of his songs. Nike has asked the East New York federal court in Brooklyn for a finding of trademark infringement, unfair competition and other charges, an injunction against the defendant and treble damages. It argues that the shoes are likely to cause confusion in the market, diluting its image. It notes that there have been calls to boycott the Swoosh because of the satanic product release, which it did not authorize or approve. MSCHF has been described by Business Insider as a company that runs on “structured chaos,” selling absurd, cynical and viral products over the internet such as Jesus shoes and toster-shaped bath bombs.