A U.S. court has awarded $4,299,163 to Peloton Interactive to cover attorneys’ fees and other expenses it incurred in a sordid patent infringement suit brought in 2016 by VR Optics. The whole thing started when Peloton hired the Villency Design Group (VDG) in 2012 to design its well-known interactive stationary bike for home use, which it launched two years later with funding via Kickstarter. However, when Villency’s owners discovered a Microsoft patent that might be infringed upon by the bike, they formed a new company, called VR Optics, which acquired the patent and then sued Peloton for infringement. As its contract with VDG required the latter to defend it against any patent lawsuits, Peloton filed a counter-claim. The issue was eventually resolved last spring when the judge in the case ruled that the patent was invalid due to prior art.