Made for Sport (MFS), a recently formed distributor, has reached a licensing agreement with the undisclosed investment group that purchased Sport Enebe, the defunct Spanish sporting goods brand from Alicante, according to CMDsport. MFS, which is also headquartered in Alicante, will be producing and marketing Sport Enebe's line of table tennis products as well as whistles under the Naysir brand, another Enebe property. Founded in the 1970s, Sport Enebe also sold trophies, medals, supplies for the sport of paddle tennis and, after 2016, apparel made with smart textiles. In late 2015 the company undertook a reorganization with a change of the guard, as the management was passed on to Saúl Navarro, the founder's son. In July 2017, Enebe went voluntarily into a bankruptcy proceedings for all three of its three constituent companies: Enebe SLU, Sport Enebe SLU and Holding Nayblan. The group ceased doing business the following year. By then it had long been farming out its manufacturing to other parts of Europe and to China. With the support of former Enebe sales agents, MFS intends to reopen Enebe's traditional distribution channels. With Naysir's channels included, these should amount to some 400 POS, most of them sporting goods stores. MFS says that it has inventory in stock and is resuming service after months of inactivity. The company is also distributing a brand of its own, Zastor, for coaching supplies. According to CMDsport, Enebe's new owners might seek to preserve the Enebe name in paddle tennis by ceding that business to a third party in the future.