Macmillan Cancer Support, a London-based charity, estimates that eight percent of Northern Ireland’s population, or some 116,000 people, have taken up running to preserve their health since the Covid pandemic lockdowns began last March. About seven percent have taken up meditation or yoga. The youth in the U.K. has proven to be particularly ambitious, as 17 percent of 18-34-year-olds have taken up running, with nine percent of them focusing on distance running. On the other hand, 31 percent of the people of Northern Ireland have not been “taking time to prioritize their wellbeing” during the lockdowns, 26 percent have shied away from outdoor training over the cold and the shorter days, and 18 percent have felt unmotivated. The survey was conducted online with 2,054 adults, 58 percent of them in Northern Ireland, on Jan. 18-19. The report accompanied the announcement of this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon, scheduled for Oct. 3 and said to be likely the biggest marathon ever, with 50,000 running the actual race (from Blackheath to The Mall) and another 50,000 running virtually elsewhere in the world. Macmillan is inviting runners who secure a spot in the race to help the charity raise funds with the hashtag #TeamMacmillan.