Nike is “by far” the most resold fashion brand in the world, according to a survey of 60 (fashion, casual and sports) brands and fast-fashion banners carried out from June 4 to 7 by a British comparison website, SaveOnEnergy. It found that the Nike brand had a “staggering” 1,160,153 listings in total across the resale sites Depop, eBay, Asos Marketplace, Etsy and Vestiaire Collective. Nearly half of Nike’s listings (653,586) were on Depop. The second highest number of listings was on eBay, at 354,467. Zara was the second most resold brand with 1,033,809 listings, most of which on Depop (648,685). Topshop was in third position with 997,179 listings, mainly on Depop (777,374) and eBay (213,904), followed by Asos. Adidas ranked fourth with 611,919 listings, with more than half of them posted on eBay (332,114), followed by Depop (199,589). The survey appears to concern the brands’ clothing and footwear. Adidas is followed by Ralph Lauren in the survey. Among the sports brands, Champion came in the 15th spot and the Nike group’s Jordan brand scored 17th, followed by Puma. The survey was apparently conducted to show how the longevity of an item can be increased through the resale market. It can be viewed at